anticipations of a life without suffering

Miranda July’s new film The Future seems to be about a couple in a crisis and what happens if people try to realize their potential if they haven’t got much ambition or direction. But for me it’s a film about a stray cat, telling its story in a children’s voice, longing so deeply for a home and becoming somebody’s pet that it hurts. Paw Paw, old, injured, and born “outside”, has to wait in a shelter for 30 days until its “real life begins”, until the couple returns to take care of it. Paw Paw is literally counting the minutes of these 30 days when, just in the moment it believes to be saved forever, it realizes it’s dying. Paw Paw’s eagerly anticipation of a life without suffering and its subsequent disappointment, caused by the couple’s crisis, is one of the most harrowing things I’ve seen in cinema. This is not a story about a cat – it’s about living beings, beings with emotions, not getting what they want however deeply they wish for it.

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